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Where you can buy Home Grown, Home Grown Products, Made in England, British Shops, Made in the UK, Buy British, Local Food & Local Products.

Fresh Producers is a portal to connect fruit, vegetable and flower producers throughout the world with buyers and decision makers in the UK
Farm Food Shop Find a Farm Food Shop or Farmers Market in the UK.
International Supermarket News Magazine and online web site aimed at producers, suppliers and buyers in the food industry.
The World Fruit & Vegetable Expo is an international trade exhibition, targeted at a very specific sector of the market, which is focused on the fruit, vegetable and flower industry
National Farmers' Retail & Markets Association. FARMA is a co-operative of farmers, producers selling on a local scale, and farmers' markets organisers.
Farm shops sell local foods grown, picked, reared or produced usually on the farm where the farm shop is located. You can't find food much fresher than that...
Broadditch Farm Shop is a delight for the lover of quality food. The farm shop is situated in a converted farm building by our farm gate and offers a little taste of the countryside to all.


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